Supervision & Consultancy

Clinical Supervision

I am available for clinical supervision of other professionals.

I am happy to work with both specialists in the addiction field, and generalists who have contact with, or interest in, addiction work.

I am at my best when the focus of supervision is:

  • Developing skills and judgements
  • Clinical management of risk
  • Making sure clients get what they need
  • The impact of therapeutic work with clients on the clinician

My experience is:

  • 20+ years as a registered mental health nurse;
  • 18+ years full time experience in addiction treatment;

The skills I can offer are:

  • Expertise in addiction treatment;
  • Familiarity with managing complex cases;
  • Managing the medical & psychiatric problems associated with alcohol & drug use
  • An ability to superimpose psychological and psychodynamic thinking onto addiction work;
  • Listening and commenting openly & objectively
  • Offering support and constructive responses;

The format, content, methods and arrangements can be negotiated individually.

Case Consultancy

I can also lead case reviews, either for individual practitioners or for teams; and in either generalist or specialist settings.

Generalist practitioners in either medicine, mental health or counselling often have only basic or intermediate knowledge of how alcohol affects psychological & physical functioning; of the different presentations related to alcohol use; and of the best ways to manage these.

I am happy to offer consultancy - either one-off or ongoing - to look at either individual cases or managing particular client groups.


My fees are £100 per hour plus expenses.