Occupational Health Services for Alcohol Problems

I can offer Occupational Health departments and services with bespoke solutions for assessing and managing staff with alcohol problems.


An interview with a staff member - preferably triangulated with interviews or reports from other parties - can diagnose the nature of the problem. Then I can give you a full report and guide you in formulating an appropriate response to help both the staff and the employer.

For example:

Dependent Drinking

Characterised by steady drinking of 15-30 units per day, and drinking before or during work to relieve withdrawal symptoms. The staff member may not seem intoxicated, but the smell of alcohol may be evident.

Intoxication (binge drinking)

Either irregular or regular excessive intake of alcohol, usually outside work, not resulting in withdrawal symptoms but leading to problems with absenteeism and poor performance.


Following assessment and discussion, I can highlight what treatment or help is appropriate. This includes all available options - local free services, self-help and paid-for services. If I think I can offer suitable interventions, then I will include them without undue prejudice over other services.

Health & Safety at Work

I'm not a health and safety officer. But I can report, based on my clinical findings, on what risks alcohol intoxication or withdrawal may pose in different workplaces.