Business Consulting

I started running my own clinical practice in 2007, and spent a year before that planning it.

I offer consultancy services to health & care professionals wanting to set up their own business, in addiction, mental health and other fields.

I can advise on making your practice safe, effective, legal and professional, and guide you through the pitfalls and stresses of working on your own.


  • Private prescriptions
  • Insurance
  • Clinical documentation
  • Contractual client documentation
  • CQC Registration as a single-handed practitioner
  • Policy writing
  • Competitors in the field
  • Governance
  • Keeping yourself healthy as a single-handed practitioner

Plus of course general advice on a whole range of situations and hurdles that I've been presented with during my time in independent practice


My fees are £100 per hour plus expenses. Copies of clinical or policy documents may be extra.