Business Consulting

I started running my own clinical practice in 2007, and spent a year before that planning it.

I offer consultancy services to health & care professionals wanting to set up their own business, in addiction, mental health and other fields.

I can advise on making your practice safe, effective, legal and professional, and guide you through the pitfalls and stresses of working on your own.


Usually, the best way to do this is to:

  • Meet with you to map out what you want to do, what your current professional and personal skills and resources are, and what gaps there are in your current plans
  • Write a proposal for you that outlines what you need to do in clinical, professional, legal and business spheres
  • Present this proposal to you and clarify / expand as necessary

You should then have a clear plan about how to proceed.


My fees are £100 per hour plus expenses.

Referral Fees / Commission

Please note that in the interests of fair and transparent professional practice, I do not accept or offer fees or commission for client referrals.