A 3 month 'distance learning' course

  • Initial consultation either in person, by telephone or by Skype
  • Friendly, expert help
  • Support & advice from an experienced clinician by phone, text and email
  • Printed course material
  • Practical and sensible programme that isn't based on the Alcoholics Anonymous model
  • 3 month course from £300

Who is this for?

The programme I'm offering is a specially designed course for people who are worried that they're drinking too much, but who aren't physically dependent - not what you might call 'typical alcoholics' (although that's not a word I like anyway).

The Course

1: Assessment & Planning Appointment

An initial session usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours, which we can do by telephone, by Skype, in my consulting room in Exeter, or I can see you in your home. This gives us plenty of time to work out how and when you can stop drinking, and whether you're looking to stop forever or if you're just wanting a break before drinking again at more moderate levels.

2: Written Material

I will send you a copy of my clear written guidance, which is a small, easy to read paperback book with an anonymous looking cover. This summarises and reiterates the advice from our first appointment, helps you to make a sensible plan, and contains advice on how you can get through the first days, weeks and months. This is also available electronically as a PDF.

3: Follow-up

This low-intensity programme offers you ad hoc contact by email throughout the 3 month programme, for you to keep me up to date on your progress and to ask for advice should you have any worries or fall into difficulties.

If you prefer to book regular telephone follow up appointments, you're welcome to do so for an extra fee - see 'Options' below

How does it work?

Many people have found that very gradually, over time, their drinking has crept up to more than they ever thought it would, and it seems to have become a habit or a routine that's difficult to break.

Drinking this much might have starting to cause you problems, or you may just be worried about potential problems in the future.

A lot of people find that they have tried to stop drinking, without any help, and failed. Then they start to overestimate how difficult it is to stop, and to underestimate how able they are to change things.

The truth of the matter is that it is indeed difficult to stop drinking - but it's perfectly possible to do it if you approach it in the right way.

My job is to act like a Sherpa, and show you the tips and tricks that make stopping drinking possible.

Unlike many programmes, mine doesn't involve confessing your transgressions to a group of other people in a cold church hall, filling out dismal drink diaries for a 'counsellor', or making you look for past traumas to explain your drinking.

Rather, it's based on sensible psychological principles, with lots of practical advice, and based on optimism. It assumes that you're someone with some wit and intelligence, and it lays out the territory and the paths so that you can find your own way out of the swamp.

It's important to note that this low intensity course is not suitable for physically dependent drinkers, or for anyone whose physical or mental health is severely affected by, or is contributing to, their drinking.

Do I have to stop forever? I just want to cut down

I suspect that if it was as easy as just cutting down, you'd have done it by now and wouldn't be reading this.

Your best advice is to stop drinking altogether - but if you really can't bear the idea of stopping indefinitely, then decide to stop for a period, as an experiment.

My suggestion is that you aim to stop for a reasonable time. When that period's up, you'll decide then, and only then, what you'll do next. Make no promises to yourself at all about whether you'll drink again or not. Don't try to anticipate what you'll do at the end. Just stop drinking for now, and see how you feel after that.

How to Book

Don't hesitate to email me with any enquiries, or to book our first session.

Before we start we will need to complete a treatment agreement, which we can complete by email or by post.


Initial appointment by telephone

Ad hoc email follow-up for 3 months; printed or electronic course material: £220

Initial appointment by Skype

Ad hoc email follow-up for 3 months; printed or electronic course material: £260

Initial appointment in Exeter

Ad hoc email follow-up for 3 months; printed or electronic course material: £380

Initial appointment in your home

Ad hoc email follow-up for 3 months; printed or electronic course material: from £380 depending on travel



The fees quoted for this course programme are due in advance or at the first appointment. Payment is by cheque, BACS transfer or PayPal. I am unable to take card payments.

Disclosure from you

My decision to treat naturally depends on full disclosure from you of any physical or mental health diagnosis or symptoms, either currently or in the past, and of any previous help you have sought for any physical, psychological/psychiatric or addiction problem. If you fail to disclose information as asked that affects my ability to treat you safely and effectively, then I reserve the right not to treat you, and to charge for any expenses accrued.


Refunds are not made if you choose not to use services paid for in advance, unless in exceptional extenuating circumstances. Should I, due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances, be unable to provide you with the services outlined above then you will be offered a proportionate refund.


Cancellation of appointments will be charged in full unless 48 hours notice is given for face-to-face consultations, or 24 hours notice for telephone or Skype appointments.


I offer a number of different services, all of which are flexible and can be customised to suit you

Assessment and Planning appointment only

If you want to discuss drinking without any further committment, and find out what your options for treatment are, you can book a stand alone Assessment and Planning appointment - usually 1 to 2 hours. You're welcome to bring someone else with you. The fee for this is £260 to be seen in Exeter, or I can give you a quote for me to visit your home.

3 month programme with extra structured sessions

If you want extra structured support through the course, then you can add structured telephone sessions by appointment over the 3 month period for an extra £75 each.


Thanks for reading my information, and good luck!