Information for the 'Nominated Carer' during detox

During a medicated detox, it's essential to have someone else around to give moral and practical support, to keep an eye on things, to look after prescription drugs, and to alert me if something should go wrong.

It's rare for anything bad to happen, but nevertheless it's better to be safe than sorry.

Before any detox is booked, I'd like to be able to discuss things with you over the phone just so that we both know what's going to happen. You will also have clear written information about the medication, and clear instructions on what to look out for.

I also need you to sign an agreement which states that you "agree to support [the client] while he/she undertakes detoxification from alcohol at home. I agree that during the treatment I will hold & supervise all medication prescribed. If the client starts drinking during the detoxification, I agree to stop giving the medication and to notify the prescriber promptly. I agree to report any concerns or problems which may arise. The treatment procedure has been made clear to me, I understand what dangerous symptoms to look for and what to do if they occur."