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Stopping drinking without medication


As of 27 December 2014 I will be letting my CQC registration lapse, after which I will not be providing detox services.

Between now and then, I will be providing a more limited range of services:

I am not currently providing Full Medicated Alcohol Detoxification

I have limited capacity for Short Medicated Alcohol Detoxification

I am available for Stopping Drinking Without Alcohol programmes

I am available for Assessment and Planning appointments

In Brief

What this service is
A programme to help you stop drinking, either temporarily or permanently
Who this service is for
People who are not physically dependent on alcohol, but who drink most days
What's Included
1: Planning
Working out how and when you can stop
2: Detoxing
Clear written guidance to get you through the first days, weeks and months, supported by structured follow-up via any mixture of phone, text or email

3: After treatment
Open ended ad hoc follow-up for all clients
Ring me for a no obligation consultation:
0800 954 0677 or 07912 693423

In Depth:

Who this service is for

I advise many people who are worried about their drinking, but who aren't physically dependent on alcohol.

It's a service for people who are either not dependent or mildly dependent, and don't suffer withdrawal symptoms like severe shaking or sweating when they try to stop. More commonly people experience strong cravings, irritability, and insomnia if they try to stop.

What I Provide

Assessment and planning

An initial session usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours, which we can do either in my consulting room in Exeter, by Skype, or by telephone. This gives us plenty of time to work out how and when you can stop drinking, and whether you're looking to stop forever or if you're just wanting a break before drinking again at more moderate levels.

Stopping Drinking

Structured support as follows:

8 sessions by appointment, with the following suggested structure: Twice a week in the first week, Weekly for 2 weeks, Fortnightly thereafter. However these can be moved around to suit you.

However you should note that I am not providing this service after 27 December 2014, so depending on when you start, we will need to customise a programme for you

These may be face-to-face, or 'at distance' i.e. by telephone or Skype. This is an opportunity for us to have a general catch-up, to look at any problems you're having or that you anticipate, and to check that your plans seem comprehensive and appropriate. These sessions can be any length up to an hour.

Treatment Manual

All my advice is also written down for you in a comprehensive printed treatment guide.

Ad Hoc contact

Informal, ad hoc contact throughout the programme by email or text as and when you need it

National & International Availability

Since this programme doesn't have to rely on face-to-face contact, it is available anywhere.



Based on the initial assessment & planning session taking place either in my Exeter consulting room, via Skype, or by telephone; subsequent contacts all by telephone, email or text.

You can book me to see you at home, add extra contacts, or change telephone appointments to Skype or face-to-face for an extra fee.

All fees will be re-calculated to take into account the ending of this service on 27 December 2014

How to book

For initial enquiries, it's best to ring or email me. Since I'm not prescribing you any medication, there's no need to consult with your GP. There's a short contract and consent document to agree, which we can do by email if necessary

Safety & Effectiveness

This programme is not suitable for people who: Routinely need to drink to relieve withdrawal symptoms like sweating and shaking; Have a history of suicide attempts, deliberate self harm or overdosing, or who have suffered significant mental health problems or psychological trauma; Have ever had a fit or seizure for any reason; Have compulsions to drink that are so overwhelming that they put themselves or others at risk.

This kind of programme is unlikely to work if you have repeatedly sought professional help with your drinking in the past with no sustained success.