Short Medicated Home Alcohol Detox


As of 27 December 2014 I will be letting my CQC registration lapse, after which I will not be providing detox services.

Between now and then, I will be providing a more limited range of services:

I am not currently providing Full Medicated Alcohol Detoxification

I have limited capacity for Short Medicated Alcohol Detoxification

I am available for Stopping Drinking Without Alcohol programmes

I am available for Assessment and Planning appointments

In Brief

What this service is
5 day medicated home alcohol detox
Follow-up with a non-12 Step, non-AA individual programme
Who this service is for
Mild to moderately dependent drinkers who drink every day or most days, usually in the afternoon or evenings; and who are otherwise stable, well, and motivated to stop.
What's Included
1: Detox
Prescriptions for medication with verbal and written instructions
Visits and/or phone contact throughout
2: Post-Detox Follow-up
Clear written aftercare manual, supported by structured follow-up via any mixture of face-to-face, phone, text, email and Skype up to 27 December 2014
Approximate Cost
Ring me for a no obligation consultation: 07912 693423

In Depth:

Who this service is for

A short medicated detoxification from alcohol is designed for people with mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. I see many people who don't drink all day, but are used to drinking a lot in the afternoons or evenings, often after they finish work.

For these people it can be uncomfortable but not always dangerous to stop drinking suddenly. Whilst you may not have severe withdrawals, sometimes the 'rebound' symptoms like irritability, anxiety, insomnia and intense cravings for alcohol make stopping really difficult.

In these cases, a short customised regimen of prescribed detox medication, with some structured preparation and support, can make enough difference to help you succeed.

It's important to note that this is a comparatively low intensity programme for people who are otherwise stable, well and highly motivated

It is not suitable for people who:

  1. Have a history of mental health problems or trauma
  2. Have a history of liver disease
  3. Have ever had a fit or seizure for any reason
  4. Have compulsions to drink that are so overwhelming that they put themselves or others at risk
  5. Have compulsions to drink that have led to them repeatedly lying or deceiving those around them
  6. Drink to relieve severe withdrawal symptoms like sweating and shaking and retching
  7. Routinely need to drink early in the morning

You will also need to have someone else around to keep an eye on you and support you (read more here)

What I Provide

I perform customised home detox programmes for clients in all parts of England & Wales. My service includes:


Prescriptions for 5 days of medication with verbal and written instructions, and contact from me (not agency staff) throughout to monitor your safety and comfort


Structured aftercare planning, based on my sensible and practical programme. This is done by a combination of face-to-face contacts, telephone, Skype, emails or text. We can devise a way of keeping in touch that suits you best. Typically these sessions go gradually from daily, to twice weekly, weekly and then fortnightly, but with ad hoc contact throughout as needed.

Note that this follow-up is only available up to 27 December 2014, after which I will no longer be providing this service

How detox works

In alcohol detox, drink is replaced with a drug that stops both withdrawal symptoms (like shaking, sweating and nausea) and rebound symptoms (like anxiety, irritability and cravings) . This medication is Chlordiazepoxide (sometimes called Librium®). You might initially take a dose in the morning, or at the time you would normally start drinking. As detox progresses the dose reduces over 5 days, giving your body a chance to get back to normal. If necessary I can also prescribe a sleeping tablet like Zopiclone or Zimovane for the duration of the detox, and for occasional use afterwards.

Advice and support

Whilst medication is important, the support and psychological help you receive is crucial in staying stopped. People who get specialist professional treatment find detox easier, and are more successful than those who don’t. As part of my non-12 Step programme, we’ll talk about the changes you need to make to keep you sober, looking ahead and making plans to ensure future success.

How to book

For initial enquiries, it's best to ring or email me. Should you then wish to proceed, there are a few things you can do before we meet to help: you can read about them here.



Based on one initial assessment and one review appointment in Exeter (all other contacts are by telephone, Skype, email or text).

You can book me to see you at home, or add more face-to-face contacts, for an extra fee.

All detox programmes are customised based on your particular circumstances, which may, rarely, affect the cost. I can discuss this either over the phone or at assessment.

I give each client a quote, with details of exact programme details, following telephone or face-to-face assessment.