Recovery Checklist

Look after yourself


Eat properly

Try to sleep properly

Reward yourself



Keep aftercare appointments - even if you feel well

Visit your GP for a check-up


Keep in mind why you're doing this

Have a hook to hang everything on

List your reasons for stopping drinking

Write down the good things that will happen if you don't drink

Write down the bad things that will happen if you do drink


Keep busy

Have a full schedule of activities that aren't drinking


Avoid alcohol

Get rid of and avoid all alcohol and everything alcohol related

Avoid situations where alcohol will be around - or know what to do to keep yourself safe if you can't

Avoid old drinking associates


Be prepared for your triggers

Keep aware of your thoughts and feelings, and how they might help you or lead to relapse

Look out for situations that might put you at risk of drinking

Know what you'll do to avoid these triggers

Know what you'll do to cope if they happen

Know what to do if you get a craving


Other people

Get help, support and protection from people around you

Try to mend any relationships that you've damaged


Get well

Think about getting help with any depression, anxiety or trauma that might lurk behind your drinking