Look after yourself

Unfortunately, when you first stop drinking, good sleep can take a while to return. Be reassured that, with patience, you will get enough sleep. Your body will always get itself enough sleep, and while this can be tormenting, remember that lack of sleep won't hurt you, but that alcohol will.

Try to maintain what health professionals call, hilariously, 'good sleep hygiene'. Silly phrase, but great advice, which you can find here.


Make sure you eat regularly and healthily. Apart from anything else, feeling hungry can make you want a drink. And eating good food can improve your mood. People often get cravings for sweet food or drink after they've stopped drinking - because alcohol is full of short-chain carbohydrates, which gives you a sugar rush. I can't say that sugar's good for you - it isn't - but you're better off with sugar than alcohol if it reduces your cravings.


Exercise is good for you, improves your mood, and occupies and distracts you. Running, cycling, swimming are all good. So's the gym. But even an easy walk out will help. And don't discount gardening, golf, or even housewo...

Enjoy yourself, treat yourself

For every day you're not drinking, reward yourself with one of the millions of possibilities that the world offers you that isn't a drink.