Can I ever drink again?

The amount people drink usually finds a certain level. A level that's different for each of us - whether a 'tonic wine' after chapel once a week, or a bottle of spirits a day. If you drink, then more often than not, your drinking will soon return to that pattern. This is particularly true for dependent drinkers. Drinking is more like an on-off light switch than a dimmer.

So if you're dependent, why risk taking something that's been so disastrous for you? It's a lot easier not to drink at all - it's a simple rule to remember and to stick to - than it is to try to drink within limits.

If you've got into trouble with drinking once, you'll get into trouble again if you give it a chance.

And once you've had one drink, then of course your judgement is badly impaired…

If you've just had the fire brigade put your blazing house out, would you really then try to set fire to your armchair, convincing yourself that it won't spread??

Many people can't face the idea of 'never drinking again'. Don't worry about forever, just worry about now. If you really really can't bear the idea of stopping indefinitely, then tell yourself you'll stop for 3 or 6 months. When that period's up, decide whether or not you'll extend the period for a bit. The old adage of taking things one day at a time is some of the the best advice you'll get.

I really really don't want to stop drinking completely

Alright. Even though I don't really approve, I've written a little bit about cutting down here.

It's strictly for people who don't score as dependent drinkers though.