The ingredients of success: my top 3 tips

1: Make sure you're ready to stop drinking

It's easy for any of us to have good intentions. It's much harder to actually do something.

Especially when it involves changing something that's become such a central part of your life.

If you're going to succeed in stopping drinking, then I think you need to be ready to make significant and sometimes radical changes in how you live your life. But I think you need to do so with hope and optimism, not fear and dread.

I talk a lot more about this in Chapter 3.

2: Get some help

Your chances of success are hugely increased if you get some outside help.

Chapter 4 explains all about the different sorts of help & treatment you can get. Just as importantly I'll show you how to choose the right kind of help for you, and what to look for.

'Detox' and 'Rehab' are words bandied about a lot, but they often aren't very well understood. Neither of them are a magic black box that will just churn you out cured of your problems.

3: Make a thorough plan about how you'll stay stopped

Planning is hugely important. Once you're ready to stop, you need to work out in some detail how you'll stop, and how you'll stay stopped.

The 'Staying Stopped' section has suggestions about how you can plan to keep your life free from the tyranny of alcohol. It includes basic and more advanced advice, plus explanations of a lot of the things that you might find happening to you, and how you can cope with them.

Take responsibility for your own recovery, and keep concentrating on what you need to do to stay well.