How to Stop Drinking Alcohol


1: About...

About this guide

About Mark Jay

Why I don't call you an alcoholic

The ingredients of success: my top 3 tips


2: Alcohol, addiction and you

Alcohol & risk

Have you got a drink problem?

Alcohol dependence and addiction


Alcohol & Your Liver

Alcohol and Your Mental Health


3: Are you ready to stop drinking?

About making big changes

Can I ever drink again?

Eight important things for you to ponder

What do do if you're not ready yet


4: Getting help with your drinking

Why you should get help

Does treatment work? / The best treatments

Treatment approaches and philosophies

What to look for from anyone helping you

"An Intervention"

Choosing treatment to suit you:

NHS - Alcoholics Anonymous - Rehab - Private home detox services - Specialist alcohol counsellors - Miscellaneous free services - Non-AA self-help - Fringe approaches


5: Stopping drinking and detox

Alcohol detoxification

How, Who, Where??

Stopping drinking if you're not physically dependent


6: Staying stopped


Have a hook to hang it all on

Early days

Look after yourself

Involve your family and friends

Aftercare - staying in treatment

Avoiding alcohol

Coping with cravings

What was the function of alcohol?

Resolving underlying psychological problems

Mindfulness & meditation

Recovery Checklist

Medication: Disulfiram (Antabuse®), Acamprosate (Campral®), Naltrexone


7: Relapse: if it all goes wrong

If treatment doesn't work

If you relapse – it's not necessarily a catastrophe



Moderating your drinking

Sleep hygiene

Advice for partners and families

Bibliography & sources