Frequently Asked Questions

There is a huge amount of information about alcohol dependence, treatment and self-help in my online guide, here. This FAQ is about my services

How quickly can you help me?

It depends on where you live and how busy I am. I can often arrange to see you within days - but it’s best to ring me to discuss.

You're based in Devon, how do you offer treatment Nationwide?

I originally set up a service for South West England, but I quickly started to get requests to set up detox programmes for clients further afield. So I am prepared to travel and stay away from home to treat people anywhere in England & Wales. I never use agency staff, I always do all my work myself.

Have you got any testimonials or references?

My clients value the discretion and privacy of my service. Whilst I have had many clients who’ve succeeded, and I've had both written and verbal thanks for the work I’ve done with them and their families, I wouldn’t dream of asking them if I could publish their comments.

I could ask to put up what they’ve said anonymously, but in the interests of openness and transparency I can't do this unless I published their names and contact details. Which I’m not prepared to do!

I know many other services are full of glowing reviews. As Andy Lewis of says, though: 'Testimonials count for nothing - anyone can get them for anything'. To which I might add - and anyone can make them up.

Is your treatment programme guaranteed to work?

Absolutely not. No-one can give you that guarantee, and don't trust anyone who does.

My only claim is that if you follow my advice, then you are vastly increasing your chances of succeeding.

How does this fit in with my GP?

Your GP will need to know before I prescribe any medication for you. I can't do this until you've given your consent, and you can download, print and fill in this letter for your GP to get the ball rollong as quickly as possible. Normally I will write to them once we've started detox with a brief account of what I've prescribed for you for their records. Occasionally, I might need to liaise with them before we start about your relevant medical history, to make sure your treatment is safe and appropriate.

If your treatment doesn't involve prescribed medication, then it's up to you if you want your GP, or anyone else, to know about your treatment or not.

Have you ever had a drink problem?

No - I'm fortunate. If I'd overcome my own difficulties, I think it'd be difficult for me to tell you about anything apart from my own story. My advice is based on having seen many people try to solve their alcohol problem, using all sorts of different methods and techniques and treatments.

Many have succeeded, some haven't. I've tried to pick out what the crucial ingredients are of those who do well. And everything I do is based on nationally recognised best practice guidelines.

Does my health insurance cover this treatment?

It might do - its best to contact your insurance company to find out details of your cover.

I don't like AA!

It doesn't matter. If you've tried it and you don't like it, or you just can't bear the thought of it, then it's probably not for you. I won't make you go. It doesn't automatically mean you're 'in denial'. AA is brilliant for people who get on with it. There are other ways of getting better though. I specialise in providing a service for people that isn't based on the AA twelve step programme.

Have you any suggestions for this FAQ?

Email me: I'd be delighted to hear from you.