"How To Stop Drinking Alcohol"

This A4 size 98 page book covers a wide range of 'must know' topics that will help you to tackle your alcohol problem successfully.

It explains how to tell if you've got a drink problem; tell you all about addiction and cravings; what you need to do to be ready to stop drinking; why you should get help, what different treatments there are, and how to choose the right help for you; what detox is and why you might need it; how to stay stopped; and what to do if you relapse.

It's a must read for: anyone wanting to get help with their drinking now; people just thinking about whether to stop drinking or not; partners, friends and families of drinkers and 'alcoholics'.

Please note that the book makes reference to treatment services that are available in the UK. Apart from that, the information and advice applies worldwide.

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