Alcohol Treatment in Devon

Bespoke Services for Devon

Whilst I offer my services throughout England and Wales, I live in Devon, and am usually able to see local clients very quickly, and can offer services that are more intensive, and that cost less.

Home Alcohol Detoxification

Detox treatments are individual to each client, so I can't quote an exact fee until after full assessment, and agreement about what you'll need.

As a guide, detox - with a full course of medication - is likely to be about £1500.

The fee depends on the length and intensity of support you'll need, and where in the county you live.

For clients who don't drink during the day, but drink every evening and find that 'rebound' symptoms like insomnia, anxiety and irritability prevent them from stopping drinking, I can often offer a shortened detox with medication from £900

Assessment & Planning Appointment

A one-off assessment, counselling & planning session for you (and your partner / family / friend), which usually takes about 2 hours, is £120 in your home anywhere in Devon, or at consulting rooms in Exeter.


Regular counselling sessions in consulting rooms in Exeter are £90. Depending on how far I have to travel to see you, counselling sessions in your home will be the same price or a little more. Sessions are usually about 1 hour. There are discounts if you pay for a number of sessions in advance.

Private Prescriptions

There is no fee for private prescriptions, as long as you are already paying to see me at least monthly. Please note that you will need to pay the pharmacist for the medication, plus a small dispensing fee.


VAT is not payable on any fees


Assessment: payment on the day

Hourly sessions: payment on the day or by invoice

Detoxification: whole fee payable in advance

Cancellation: whole fee payable unless at least 24 hours notice given

Payment is by cheque, cash or bank transfer